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  • Thanks for your great effort
    it will be so nice if you can solve this issue
    "if powervu active and i switch to any channel other than AFN progdvb freeze"
    that problem found in all versions of emu and progdvb
    you can contact PROG at progdvb home page or mail if you need support, he is so cooperated!!
    Hello sir, we are the owners of the satellite card, the need for you Sir, for the purpose of running the package beoutQ on the moon Badr 26 East Frequency 11919 h 27500
    In order to make it easier for you, the package works on all the supporting devices without the Internet, but there is a frequency overlap with some of it is 12341 h 27500 package at first appear called hidden camouflage and 10 channels sports Arabic commentary and is monopolized on a satellite card (in some devices must be deleted The frequency of the frequency 12341 and then the search for frequency 11919 and then the frequency adjustment and the introduction of 12341 it with the re-search in order to appear channel naming) and this feature is not available in the satellite card and package biss system we ask you to help with the plugin program to run it,
    please update powervu emu for cwmode=4 and aslo hash mode 10
    afn 9 east and sony network asiasat 105 east down again
    hello friend, put something on the black TV channel powervu. Everyone trusts you too much. we all know that only you will be able to make everything work again. a simple word of yours in the forums would calm all the forums about Powervu. think about it. You're too important to be hidden at such a time ...
    help us master at this time ten 1 Can only enjoy the sound of a kind of radio only .. how to solve whether this broadcast using Powervu new version ...
    Please we are .. sonyten1 now disappear back with Random powervu Latest ... if you can open the latest Algorithm Random .. thank you before may Allah bless you
    سلام استاد
    منتظر دست های هنرمند شما هستیم.
    التماس دعا داریم در حد لیگ برتر انگلیس
    Molto bravo, grazie
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