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Phone Sex: 1-in-3 would take call during sex

Laur's Bizarre Corner

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Default Phone Sex: 1-in-3 would take call during sex

One in three busy Brits believe it’s acceptable to answer a mobile phone call during sex, it has been revealed.

The true extent to which our hectic lives and busy work schedules intrude on our most intimate moments were revealed in a study carried out among more than 2,000 adults.

As well as the third who said taking a call mid-romp was fine, 51% revealed they thought it was perfectly okay to take a call at a wedding.

54% said they had no problem picking up the phone whilst out for dinner, while another 57% said even the toilet wasn’t out of bounds, with men more likely than women to think it’s ok to talk in the loo.

The figures were revealed in research carried out by Vodafone, with Srini Gopalan, Consumer Director saying: "It seems as a nation we’re desperate not to miss out on the latest gossip no matter what we’re up to.
"But this doesn’t mean you have to take a call even when you’re responding to the call of nature, having a romantic dinner or in bed."

The comprehensive study into modern phone use revealed the crucial role that mobile phones play in everyone’s lives, with 90% of people saying they had received a very important call on their mobile.

Over a quarter said they had been given a job offer, nearly 15% said they had been told about the birth of a child and a surprising 1% even said they had been proposed to via their mobile phone.

Worryingly, nearly 40% of those who were polled said they felt the art of conversation was dying, while another 21% said they felt social media and text based communication was to blame.

Almost one in five said they felt listening skills were dying out amid the tech boom and 17% bemoaned the fact that people don’t seem to have the time for talking anymore.
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