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UCAS & Softcam Key Data

Spiderbox SD & HD

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Default UCAS & Softcam Key Data

UCAS & Softcam Key Data

Just as a reference for any members who are having unexplained issues with updating keys manually or by USB.
It is important to understand how the Spiderbox handles the keys and where they are being stored.

The Spiderbox Channel List is a database that holds Satellite, TP, Channel, Provider, encryption type, FAV and ALL Softcam key data.

When you load a Softcam file from USB each line of the file is checked to see what "CAS Type" it is for.
i.e I=Irdeto, V=Viaccess, S=Seca etc.
Then the CA Id is checked to see if it is already in the database and if it is the softcam key is updated.
If there is no record then a new one is added with the CA Id & softcam data.
With BISS keys they are added manually in the BISS section under "Key Edit"
The BISS key is associated with a frequency across all satellites and must be 3Mhz from any other frequency in the BISS section. If there is not a 3Mhz gap then the last one that is within 2Mhz is used.

ALL the softcam data is stored in the database so when you save a "Channel List" you are saving ALL the softcam data for ALL encryption systems.
The softcam records are stored in the order that they are input into the database by USB or manually. Each softcam record is 28 bytes in size so can hold any encryption type.
When a softcam record is deleted a blank record is left behind which will be used for storing the next new softcam line that is input for any encryption type. The Spiderbox only filters softcam data records and does not sort them into an order - it displays them in the order it finds them in the database.

The important thing to remember when loading a "Channel List" is, you are over writing ALL the softcam keys with keys from when the "Channel List" was saved. These keys can be older that the ones you had before loading the list.
You need to upload the latest softcam.key file which will update all but the BISS keys. For BISS you would need to manually check each record and update if needed, being aware of the 3Mhz limitation.

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