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Using the PVR Function

Spiderbox SD & HD

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Default Using the PVR Function

If you have an external HDD you can connect it via the USB port and take full advantage of the SD 5000's PVR facility.

Note: The HDD must be formatted in FAT32.

The best way to do it is with the Spiderbox itself.

With the HDD connected to the box, press the Menu button, go to the 'USB' option.

Press the Green key on the remote <Format>

When the operation is completed your HDD is ready to use.

Exit the USB menu and go to PVR menu.

Here you can set the recording file size (selectable between 256,512,1024,2048,and 4096MB) and turn off/on the Timeshift facilty. (It is better to leave this on).

To record to the HDD simply press the Record button on the remote (you will see 'rEC' displayed on the Spiderbox). To end recording press the Stop button on the remote.

To review the recording press the Play button on the remote. A list of all your recordings will appear. Simply choose the recording that you want to watch and select it using the OK button.

You can (pause), (ff****), (rw<<), at up to 64X speed, or jump forward or backward through the recording (indicated by the blue bar) by using the (< )or (>) keys either side of the (OK ) button. To return to live tv press the Stop button

You can record using the EPG (where available) by pressing the green button. Use up/down/left/right keys to select channel and time of the programme you want to record (make sure the programme is highlighted) and press the REC key (bottom right key marked with a red dot) a small red mark will appear on the EPG listing.
Press list/ok twice to resume viewing the last channel you were watching.
At the selected time the receiver will switch channels and move the dish if this is also needed.

If you want to Timeshift (this can also be done when a recording is in progress), simply press the <pause> button (you will see 'tIM' displayed on the Spiderbox). To resume watching press the Play button. You can navigate using the same keys as for reviewing a recording (as above).

You can Timer record using the Timer option in the menu.
Select the Timer Index (up to seven recordings can be scheduled).
Set Active to 'Recording'.
Set channel, Start Time and Duration and then exit.

The Spiderbox will switch to the scheduled program (switching/moving to the correct satellite first if necessary) and then execute the recording.

For further options consult your Spiderbox User's Manual
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