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Key of D+ with Vplug

Softcam Keys

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Default Key of D+ with Vplug

Make sure that vplug is active

Start logging with vplug

Copy your log to block notes

When you open your log you can find something like this

[29/05/2007 23:36:55] CANAL+ - RAW-EMM: 0082706C0000000000046540019200181A63159BBA36671C365837276D9F 7F7BFA285ED8509605D4C1F4F3403357D3267
174F76A09733F1E1F31E3D6E2BA16D59AD1A0977B5B3CAD0B553E606446D A3B65CCA73B431547870F85A625FE81E7590
[29/05/2007 23:36:55] CANAL+ - ___00=B633DE184A987E027B705DA4F76C370D
[29/05/2007 23:36:55] CANAL+ - Found N 4102 ___00: B633DE184A987E027B705DA4F76C370D
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - RAW-EMM: 0082706C0000000000046540019200183D1653BC29F535D3120A1BDA0B5A 61BD70A4045BC8E6D43E270E175BA73C646F
73B7EC1CFF6AA196A002E7A2C2481739DB0D17D55C283F37499304BC8BD7 90FA7413BB8E76824215BD3E3A73644F963
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - BF Started...
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - ___G1:A33A1841F077D2D8AC8266F77D4FBE04
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - ___G2:A33A1841F077D2D8AC8266F77D4FBE04
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - ECM:807047074541018600087A3D3BC229CFDBE5C0604DF0644F064C3B46 5153DCFE1CE4CBB84D1E20285C02A0D1CA

[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - emm_____index:00
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - Provider_id:4101
[29/05/2007 23:36:59] CANAL+ - BF Finished...

Insert the keyG1 or G2 and the ECM (are marked in red) from
your Loggfile in the Software (El Buscador v1.0)
and Press calcular and wait 2 - 5 min. FINISH now you have the New D+ Key

Alternatively to the buscador you can use N2Brute in this case you have just copy emmg1 , emmg2 and ecm and then click on metodo auto

thnaks to Car.Mai and Gally for the software
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