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DM525 not help please..

DM 520HD Chat

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Default DM525 not help please..

dear maestro;

DM525 dead not open this logs..

not open bios please..

Dreambox DM520


BCM973625A0 CFE v15.3, Endian Mode: Little
Build Date: Fri Jun 24 16:38:03 2016 ([email protected])
Copyright (C) Broadcom Corporation.

card if inited
Enabling NAND flash at CS2: A5U4GA31ATS(DEVICE ID=0xC8DC9095), ECC Level=4, Spare Area Size=16
MACRONIX SPI flash detected: Size = 16MB, Sector Size 4096, Page Size 256

CPU speed: 751MHz
DDR Frequency: 1061 MHz
DDR Mode: DDR3
Total memory(MEMC 0): 512MB
MEMC 0 DDR Width: 16
Boot Device: SPI
Total flash: 16MB
RTS VERSION: rts_hevc10_1067

DM init finalization
yxml: processing file of 131072 bytes... succeeded!
no file loaded, create xml restoring default xml
loaded network params of: DHCP,,,
[1] type 3, dev nandflash0.kernel, loader elf, filesys raw, file , options
[2] type 3, dev flash0.kernel, loader elf, filesys raw, file , options
[3] type 1, dev eth0, loader elf, filesys tftp, file , options [email protected] console=ttyS0,1000000 root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp
added 3 sources to autoboot list
init fp
Initializing USB.

CFE initialized.
found card in unknown state
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