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MediaPortal TVgemist plug-in

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Default MediaPortal TVgemist plug-in

What went wrong with the first attempt
Trhee months ago martijnr17 and myself began working on a new version of the TVgemist plugin made by moiristo. The reason for this was simple, the plugin did not list every TV show that was availible on the "programmagemist" website in The Netherlands. We desided that we could build a database driven plugin that would retrieve episodes on it's own and serve them to Mediaportal. Not much later we released our plugin to the public and it was well received. The plugin was running smooth with updates to it's database every hour based on what TV shows where aired that day.... the plugin did it's job.

But like all good things it came to a brute halt when we found out that the TV guide we used, used different names for some shows, therefore those shows would not get updated, another problem was that TV stations did not always upload the episode on the time they would normally, therefore episodes where not downloaded...

It all got worse when the TV guide changed their website and our whole inteligent updating routine got stuck, therefore no longer updated TV shows, to fix this our scripts download all episodes from all TV stations every 3 hours..... not a very good idear.......

TVgemist v3.0, is it better?
The first attempt had failed... it needed to be replaced with a plugin that was closer to the original made by moiristo. So we build a powerful script that serves episodes on demand and brings you live streams.

This new 3.0 plugin has a new look and some changes on how it works, in fact it is quite interesting on how it works... but all you need to know is that it works better then our first attempt.

So, what now?
We hope you are willing to download our plugin once more and check it out, give us feedback, report bugs and join us at our googlecode project page and discussion group so that we can make this plugin even better.
Version 3.1.2
  • Find TV shows m.b.v. onscreen keyboard, looking at all channels.
  • ONM TV show now includes dates in the title.
  • Start Station now also used to exit / restart plugin.
  • Support for PurevisionHDX.
  • Support for X-factor skin.
  • Support for Media Stream skin.
  • Support for StreamedMP skin.
  • Support for Black & White 1080p skin.
  • Search in TV shows with letter keys on the remote.
  • Volume control in main works.
  • Private extended log file Media Portal's / log directory.
  • "Jump back" in selection list now works correctly.
  • New tag # zendertab for skin builders added.
  • Station Name is now displayed correctly.
  • Warns automatically appear in new versions.
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