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Eutelsat 8WB's: Official Nilesat name is "Nilesat 104B"

Transponder News

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Default Eutelsat 8WB's: Official Nilesat name is "Nilesat 104B"

I did not know until recently that Eutelsat 7WA at 7.3W was also known as Nilesat 104 as it was part of the 7W-8W Nilesat family of Satellites (thx marokino08 for infos). No one seemed to know if Eutelsat 8WB also has a Nilesat nick name - it does:

From: Nilesat-Marketing <[email protected]>
Sent: 19 January 2016 10:30
To: 'empb'
Cc: Mohamed El-Sawy
Subject: RE: Eutelsat 8WB @ 8W


E8WB Nilesat frequencies has the name Nilesat 104B.

Kindest regards
Not earth shattering info, more like Satellite trivia, but just for info/to let you know
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