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[OE2.5] Experimental Image For DM52x HD

DM 520HD Images And Other Files

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Default [OE2.5] Experimental Image For DM52x HD

[OE2.5] Experimental Image For DM52x HD
opendreambox changes:
•fix build using recent versions of git (bitbake update)
•python-google-api-client: fix SRCREV, use latest py 2.7 compatible release
•python-ioctl: fix build
•python-youtubedl: bump version to 2021.06.06
•enigma 4.3.3r1
•update enigma2 plugins
enigma2 changes:
•add support for RDS on new ARD AAC-HE radio services
•fixed a long term bug in CI handling
•fixed some farsi characters in md_khumrabi_10.ttf for subtitles (thx dhwz)
•don't write .ap files when there is no ts anymore (deleted while playing)
•add support for WebP images
•fix a bug in ePicload that caused software scaling instead of hardware scaling
•eListboxPythonMultiContent: one can now call setTemplate(None) to switch back to "no template" rendering
•NumericalTextInput: map '#' to button 1
•ConfigListScreen: fix crash, simplify code, don't depend on VKeyIcon for Virtual Keyboard using the "Text" key
•NetworkManager: Fix/enable WPS (PushButton)
•code cleanups
•allow color names for MultiContentTemplateColor
•backport Components.Converter.SegmentedProgress
•update skins (thx zombi)
dreambox-image-deb-dm520-20210907.tar.xz (image sig) - info (info sig)
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