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Update enigma2: 4.3.1r26

Dreambox HD Models

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Default Update enigma2: 4.3.1r26

- added new streamserver
- keymap.xml: update keyboard bindings again
- Screens.TimerEdit: simplified and fixed timer list handling (fixed broken cursor position after cleanup)
- added /data/picon* to picon path selection
- fixed teletext subtitle colors
- fixed long time bug caused by spinner loading on enigma2 start
- CEC: fixed physical address related handling (this maybe fixes input selection issuses after cold boot)
- added HideZero option to ServicePosition for suppressing "-00:00" output
- skin_default_1080: minor updates by zombi
- add handling for deadlocks on startup
- blindscan: - add workaround for driver bug
- fixed broken blinscan with Si216x2 after range scan
- add handling for invalid blits (sourceArea cannot have width/height zero (happens in edge cases))
- draw only 1/4 of the circle for each corner in rounded-label
- Converter/ServiceInfo: re-add evVideoSizeChanged to "Framerate" interesting events to fix not visible framerate on first service start
- fixed position gauge misalignment after creation
- Default-FHD: put back some values to default-fhd for backwards compat with some plugins
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