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Multiboot Ipbox 910HD with Hard Disk e USB

Cuberevo - Ipbox 9000 Tools

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Default Multiboot Ipbox 910HD with Hard Disk e USB

In ipbox2008 and to thank Simon for valuable information sharing and availability solutions in pointing otherwise very distant place .. there a version of multiboot for ipbox 910HD Hard Drives that uses mostly the Pen Drive to boot Enigma 2. 

The base is multiboot 1.0 ipbox2008. (Thanks again ipbox!) 

The buttons used are: 

1) boot from HDD sda1 --- 
2) boot from USB sdb1 --- - eg: boot with hard drive and USB 
3) boot from FLASH FLSH --- - eg: sif / dgs or Enigma1 or Enigma2 
4) boot from NFS NFS --- 
5) boot from USB SDB5 --- - eg Enigma2 mod PKT 
6) boot from USB SDB6 --- - eg Enigma2 AAF mod 
7) Boot from USB SDB7 --- - eg Enigma2 Iscan mod 
8) Boot from USB SDB8 --- - eg enigam2 XXX mod 
9) --- sda5 boot from HDD - eg Enigma2 mod YYY 
0) Boot from HDD sda6 --- - eg Enigma2 ZZZ mod 

The difference with the multiboot ipbox2008 concerns only the combination of 4 buttons (5,6,7,8) to / dev / sdb (USB) and only 2 (9.0) to / dev / sda (HDD). 

I thought about this problem because the decoder having practically always on, I noticed that the image thrown by forcing the hard drive with an almost continuous activity that certainly reduces the life of the disc while keeping the image on USB and configuring well (including swap), the hard disk is put into standby when not needed (ie approximately 99% of the time, except during the recording of course ..). 
Clearly there are different views on life and the use of a hdd and a pen drive for our purposes ..... personally I prefer the work load increased the pen drive and keep the hdd only as a container data, or as the boot partition only in exceptional circumstances for testing. The slowness of the pen drive it is perceived primarily during startup (I do not even notice it ..). A decoder becomes almost imperceptible start.
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