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Satellite dish motorised setup

Satellite Tv Chat

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on sat box, enter correct usals location.

on motor bracket - set the scale to match your latitude (51 \ 52 \ 53 approx, u can adjust later)

set the motor to zero (middle of east and west)

attach \ clamp dish onto motor stub - make sure its bang on - mount to assembly to pole and face roughly to 1w

on your satbox goto a channel on 1w - sky news - this will move the motor (and dish a tiny bit to 0.8w

now move the WHOLE motor assembly on the pole, along with dish whilst aiming the dish up and down at the same time (sounds tricky but isnt really) - until you get a signal on 1w.

peak it, but dont spend perfect yet

now, see if u can get 30w and 45e... if you can great

job done = if you cant then moves motor angle bracket tiny bit up, and repeat process, and then tiny bit down, and repeat

you will get there
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Originally Posted by chris0147 View Post
Oh right, would you move the whole rig to dead straight after you turn off the usuals and then turn them on?

So what if the motor won't move?

Do I have to reset the motor, disconnect the cable from the motor, select al jazeera english on 0.8west, turn off power, reconnect the cable to the motor, turn on the receiver, turn on the usuals and select al jazeera english to get the motor moving?

If not can you give me step to step with what I need to do to get the motor moving??
Get the dish setup properly as described in my previous post then turn usuals back on and send it to say 28 east if its not moving then we will address that because at the moment your making too many mistakes with the motor setup so one step at a time.

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