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Topfield HD

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Default AAF_E2_Summer_Image_tf7700_USBFULL

AAF_M9052_g2671_tf7700_update_enigma2_p207_P191_M2 _USBFULL_nodebug

SH4 Duckbox Projekt Git rev2671
+ neuer Kernel P207 (STM2.4)
+ neuer Havana Player 191
+ updated ffmpeg 0.6.3
+ updated multicom 3.2.4
+ introduce 3D Mode for OSD ( paint OSD twice in Side by Side or Top and Bottom )
+ [libeplayer3] support for OSD 3D modes for subtitles
+ [busybox] add busybox 1.18.5 stable
+ [TF7700] implement longkeypress support
+ [TF7700] Fixed sporadic crash in VFD plugin (hdd size)
+ [TF7700] verbesserte Bildqualität
+ [TF7700] schnelleres zappen

Bootbild by kasimi

Neu AAF Enigma2 Summer Image

+ Auto 3D Mode Switcher (Darstellung vom OSD in 3D auf 3D Sendern/Filmen)
+ 3D-Mode tool um den tv automatisch in den 3d mode zu schicken(geht nur bei sbs) thx hellmaster

falls es nich gehen sollte(als beispiel):
cd /dev
rm hdmi0.0
mknod hdmi0.0 c 253 0
was da angegeben werden muss kann man nachsehen mit
AAF-at700:/# cat /sys/class/stmcoredisplay/display0/hdmi0.0/dev

+ 3D Mode auf (Grün ->)Blauer Taste
+ Kanalliste aktualisiert
+ [e2 -lng] - add PL.po for aaf panel
+ [mc] Filebrowser
+ [mc] fix imdb background search
+ [mc] vp add default directory devicelist and allowed devicelist lastdir
+ [mc] pp add devicelist default dir
+ [mc] ap add devicelist default dir
+ [mc] added option to remove MC main menu entries! Have a look at Settings -> Global Settings....
+ [mc] readd old myvideo appletrailer pys
+ [ufs912] USB WLAN Support
+ [ipbox] add terrestrial and cable xml
+ [at7500] add terrestrial.xml

Euer AAF Team

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