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How do Mount USB Stick in Devices Manager Black Hole

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Default How do Mount USB Stick in Devices Manager Black Hole

How do Mount USB Stick in Devices Manager Black Hole

Click Blue button twice to be go BH Extra Settings and select Devices Manger
After you select Devices Manager notes that partitions located on the USB Stick not yet mapped.
Click Red button
Now you can select what you want assembles Devices by making highlighted by Device tal-Up/Down the buttons and then by clicking buttons to select how wanted il-Left/Right mounted (Universe, video, usb, HDD etc) .. you Choose usb.
Then click Red button to save the Mount
Now Reboot to be asked to make ikkrejata the Mount. Once completed, if it is admitted Devices Manager (twice Blue Button and select Devices Manager) see the usb stick mounted.

Activation of Meoboot and installation of Images

Go on and choose Plugins Meoboot and click Ok
Select / media / usb and click OK and confirm Yes
Exit Plugin
Open carry out a DCC or equivalent and to be f'dal FTP Image format: -
Extract miles away this time ie sugar but cast a Zip file format as _usb.zip) go / media / usb / MbootUpload
Again enter In Meoboot Plugin
Click Red Button
On the first line you see the name of the Image to tfajt
Sink on Image Name tiems line and moved one to the right with the right arrow and there also be the name of the same Image.
Copy settings to let it Yes-the new Image
Click Red Button and start installing the new Image and upon completion of the process even done Reboot it.
Settings Many find ready because they were copied from Flash Image
Just want to add some Plugins Cam and some other events.

Check and see that the pendrive that you are using is compatible with your receiver and plus soon see the best that has format before the pc, although put in receiver is still format ..... now if will always utilizing meoboot, the best that you select to the usb pendrive is to select (min Universe, usb, video, HDD etc ....) always on my mind

this was in maltese langauge i just translated with google translater so sorry for spelling mistakes
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