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Rose Royce Review Band

Band Biographies

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Default Rose Royce Review Band

The Rose Royce Review Band, formed in 2011, is a funk/soul band that performs Rose Royce songs with a little bit of their own funk. The group’s leader is Lequeint “Duke” Jobe child hood bass prodigy, bassist and original founding member of the Grammy-winning band Rose Royce. Along with Duke are his child hood friends from around the neighborhood, Jimmy Gough, Danny Palmer, Kentara Marin, Tom Grant, and Cheri Dunn. Gough and Palmer played with Duke in a group called the Little Incidents. The Little Incidents played dances, appeared on Larry McCormick’s show “Take Time For Talent” (coming in first place) and even opened for James Brown once The short lived group achieved moderate success, but more importantly gave the members the opportunity to showcase their talents at a young age. Duke went on to achieve worldwide fame with the Rose Royce band. Jimmy joined up with Total Concept Unlimited and played with local groups throughout the years. Danny joined up with TCU as a standby drummer, and enjoyed a career as a session musician, playing with the likes of legendary song writers Holland-Dozier-Holland, Taste “O Honey, Mandrill, and even shared the stage with Stevie Wonder once. After jamming with Stevie, Stevie said, “Who’s the drummer?” much to Palmers surprise.
After nearly forty years of not working together the three childhood friends from South Central, got back together to jam out like they once did. Each member of the Rose Royce Review brings their own jam to the table.
If you’ve never danced I guarantee you won’t be able to control yourself if Duke is kind enough to unleash a funky staggering bass solo. (Remember if he’s kind enough)
Danny Palmer drums will have you hopping, influenced by the likes of his father Teddy Palmer, a jazz drummer and pianist himself, and Lenny White, this jazzman won’t stop playing or smiling for that matter.
Tom Grant on keyboard also goes by the nicknames, “The Doctor”, or “The Professor”, need I say more.
Jimmy Gough the man on the guitar. This lefty plays like Jimmy Hendrix and duck walks like Chuck Berry himself. He heart is in the funk, but you’ll catch him burst uncontrollably into a shattering guitar solo.
Kentara Mora, a prodigy is his own right, works the ancient art of guitar weaving with fellow axe man Jimmy Gough.
If you’ve never cried listening to music, then you haven’t heard Cherri Dunn. This vivacious soulful singer belts out songs like lightning and thunder. Just the right amount of soul and the right amount of funk makes her the perfect fit for the RRRB
The group is currently rehearsing and working on their new single entitled, “I’d Rather Funk than Switch” Look out because this group is coming soon to a ipod near you!
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