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[Plugin] Jedi Maker Xtream

VU+ Addons, Tools and Other files

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Default [Plugin] Jedi Maker Xtream

Jedi Maker Xtream Plugin
by @kiddac

A plugin to allow the easy creation of bouquets for IPTV playlists.
You can also select the individual categories to create the bouquets for. No need to import hundreds of channels that you do not need.

*New* Now has the ability to update your created bouquets whether automatically or manually.
*New* you can now also use External M3U urls and Local M3U files.
Important. If updating from a previous version. ALWAYS - Delete All Jedi IPTV Bouquets before trying to use the latest version.


Main Menu



Add Playlist/Edit Playlists (text button for virtual keyboard)

User Info (info button)

Create Bouquets (Channel up button)

Choose Bouquet Categories

Channel Select

EPG will be brought in for providers that have set custom sids and xmltv files. Not All providers do.

How to install

FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.

OpenATV install instructions
  • Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
  • memory/tmp
  • Press ok on the package
  • press green to install.
Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.


OpenVix install instructions
  • Menu > setup > VIX > Ipkg install
  • memory/tmp
  • Press ok on the package
  • press green to install.
Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.

How to use

The program works in one of two ways.

1) Via a playlists.txt file. Where you can copy and paste all your playlist urls
Now supports standard xtream iptv playlists, External Urls that return m3u playlists or Local MP3s

Currently this playlists.txt file live here.

you can change this file location to anywhere you like via the settings.

2) or you can manually enter your details via the playlists/add playlist.

You then need to create your channel bouquets.

On creating a bouquet... playlists....Ok Button (TV button also works as an alternative)

This will also then create a xmltv file for use with epg importer plugin

** Jedi Maker Xtream - v3.06 ***

This version will try and use current rytec sources (Rytec UK Sat/Virgin XMLTV) to populate UK iptv from any provider whether that provider has UK epg or not.
This should work out of the box, with very little input if any needed from the user.

But if you want to faff. There is a file in /etc/enigma2/jediplaylists called uk-epg-db.txt

This is where all the alias names live. So you can edit this file if your provider uses weird channel names. But I have done most of the hard work for you.

bbc 2 alias examples shown below

"189e:011a0000:07fd:0002:1:0:0": ["bbc two eng", "bbc two", "bbc2", "bbc 2", "bbc two england"],
New alias entries MUST be lowercase, wrapped in quotes " " and must be seperated by a comma. It's easy to break the structure of this file, so be careful.

My plugin removes anything in brackets () and pipes | and any reference to UK - uk: (uk) |uk| etc. It also removes SD, HD, FHD, 4k. 720p, 1080p.

So you only need to input the channel name as it appears without these elements.

For example if your channel is called |UK| BBC 2 HD (1080p)

If this wasn't being picked up. Yuu would edit bbc 2 line to include bbc 2 (this exists - just an example). |UK| BBC 2 HD (1080p)

Not every channel gets picked up. I don't know whether this is an issue with current rytec data or my data, but there are only a few troublesome ones.

Challenge, Cartoonito, Motors TV, Flow Sports, Eleven Sports, True Crime, MTV Music, 3E, TV3, Capital TV, Heart TV ,Vintage are some that don't get picked up.

It is what it is. Don't be moaning you're still missing epg. 95% full UK epg is better than none.


Questions belong in the forum and not in my P.M Box

OS mio Plus 4k / OS mio 4k / OS mini 4k
OS nino Pro / OS nino Plus

No Card sharing discussion
Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal
All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only

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