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Oscam Binary Explanation for Linux Receiver

Oscam Chat

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Default Oscam Binary Explanation for Linux Receiver

These are the Oscam binary explanation for each receiver

mipsel = DM 500HD/800(SE)/7020HD/7025(+)/8000/VU+ (OE 1.6) image with old OE1.6
mipsoe20 = DM 500HD/800(SE)/820/7020HD/7025(+)/7080/8000/VU+ (OE 2.0) image with OE2.0
dreambox_fpu = DM 500HD/800SE/7020HD/8000/VU+ (OE 2.0 FPU) image with OE2.0 using internal FPU
openpli40 = DM 500HD/800SE/7020HD/8000/VU+ (All Mipsel, OE 2.2 and higher, Black Hole 3.0 and higher)
arm_dream = DM 900UHD/920UHD/VU4K

solo4k = Vu+ Solo4k, Uno4k, Ultimo4k
arm_v7 = ARM v7 chip Vu+ Solo4k, Uno4k, Ultimo4k/ DS114/DS115j/DS213j/DS214 and many more

powerpc = DM 600/7000/7020si(PPC Tuxbox)
ppcold = DBox2/DMM 500/56x0

sh_4 = Octagon, Ipbox, Kathrein, Fortis, Spark-Box
sh4 = UFS-9XX, Kathrein & Octagon

x86_32 = Linux PC's 32 Bit,
x86_64 = Linux PC's 64 Bit

azbox = Azbox HD Premium/-Plus/Elite
cool = Coolstream Box

arm_cortex_a9 = Cortex A9 CPU (SU980)
brcm63xx_other = Brcm63xx OTHER
ddwrt346 = DDWRT gcc 3.4.6
ddwrt410 = DDWRT gcc 4.1.0 (WNR3500L)
fonera = Fonera Router
nslu2open = ARM NSLU2 OpenWRT
openwrt26 = OpenWRT 2.6
openwrt24 = OpenWRT 2.4 (Fritz 32XX,71XX,72XX)
mipswdtv = Mipsel Tuxbox WDTV
dockstar = DOCKSTAR (arm)
marv_6281 = Synology Marvell 88F628x
marv_7823 = Synology Marvell Armada XP MV7823x
mca = Matrix Cam Air
ppc_eglibc = PowerPC Q or IQ (Synology NAS DS213+/DS413)

fritz33xx = Fritzbox 33XX
fritz71xx = Fritzbox 71XX
fritz72xx = Fritzbox 72XX
fritz73xx = Fritzbox 73XX
fritz74xx = Fritzbox 74XX
fritz73xxOS60 = Fritzbox 73XX OS6.0
fritz74xxOS60 = Fritzbox 74XX OS6.0
fritz73xxOS62 = Fritzbox 73XX OS6.2
fritz73xxOS65 = Fritzbox 73XX OS6.5
fritz74xxOS62 = Fritzbox 74XX OS6.2
fritz74xxOS65 = Fritzbox 74XX OS6.5

sheevaplug = Sheevaplug
raspb_armv7 = Raspberry Pi 2, Banana Pi M2, WeTekPlay
raspb_hard = Raspberry Pi HardFPU
raspb_soft = Raspberry Pi SoftFPU
samsungtv = SamsungTV Serie E/F (ES7xxx/8xxx)
syn_atom = Synology with Atom CPU
tplink = TP-Link 1043ND
tplink_backfire = TP-Link Backfire (openwrt/ar71xx)
arm_v8 = ARM v8 OrdoidC2 (aarch64 LibreELEC)

If you need any oscam with a architecture from above list, just ask in oscam chat section.
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