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Amiko A6 Combo PVR

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Talking Amiko A6 Combo PVR

the Amiko A6 is still under developing. Its launch time is planned in Q3-Q4 this year.

After the success of the Amiko A5 Combo as a model not top the brand already has a new model under development the Amiko A6 Combo PVR .
There are already some images and specs released by mihaip, but since specs until design can still be changed since it is in a laboratory phase, the date of its launch that certainly will not be before Christmas, maybe January 2019?

The box meets what the staff has asked for a faster processor and the brand in this model bets on the best processor of the S912 Octacore A53 1.5GHz AMLogic and comes equipped with powerful graphics Mali-T820 MP3 .

In comparison with the previous Amiko A5 that includes the AML S-905D we are talking about a performance superior to 20%.
With PVR functions a top-of-the-line tuner is required and it comes equipped with DVB-S2X MIS based on the SiLabs Si2169-D60 demodulator with multistream capabilities, and already prepared for T2-MI DVB-T2 multiplexes , the Linkdroid system is on top Android 7.1.2 .
The disc is accessible through a door that works like a bay, can change the same at any time without having to open the box.

With a new top processor in the Amiko A6 Combo PVR we have more heat, to solve this the size also increased and your height hopefully enough to handle the message, hopefully the bottom is punched or fan.

Also Enigma2 support in Dual Boot (MicroSD Card), the team of OpenATV will support the OpenATV 6.3 version of this specific model but we will see images of VIX4, PurE2, OpenSpa and OpenPLi as in the previous model, this model of processor is known to have little official support for Enigma2, hopefully the brand has studied with the teams of Enigma2 this question.
Support for OScam and CCcam will be present on Android and Enigma2 and VPN and of course the support for IPTV that works 5 **** in the previous model in the stalker app.
The command all indicates that it is equal to the previous one which is very good by the aspect of quick access button to Kodi and IPTV and power supply is the same with the 12V to 2A .
We do not know if it will be supported Netflix 4K, with license from google but soon we can know more details

Known Specifications:
Processor: Amlogic AML-s912 octacore A53 1.5GHz
Graphics: Video Mali T-820 MP3
Tuner: Combo Tuner DVB-S2X + DVB-T2-MI / DVB-C ( DVB-S2X MIS / SiLabs Si2169-D60)
Flash: EMMC 16Gb
Ram: 2Gb
Network: Gigabit network port and Gigabit Wifi
Ports: MicroSD and USB
HDMI: 2.0
Smartcard reader: Conax
Sata: Baia accessible from outside
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