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Google Funny Features

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Default Google Funny Features

Google Funny Features

There are many funny things that can be done on Google. Here are 12 hidden funny features, there's no harm in trying them at home.

Google Funny Feature 1: Skew the Google page! Type “askew” in the search box and see the result.

Google Funny Feature 2: See the Spherical play of the Google main page, by simply typing Google sphere and click on I’m Feeling Lucky. Thank you Mr.doob for the effect!

Google Funny Feature 3: Forget Google earth try Google mars. Google also lets you explore mars. Just go to

Google Funny Feature 4:
Create your own beatbox tunes with Google translate. Omit the vowels, enter the consonants and click on listen.

Google Funny Feature 5: Search binary in Google. The number of results will be in binary format instead of the usual decimal.

Google Funny Feature 6: If you speak Star Trek then it may interest you that Google also has a Klingon search.

Google Funny Feature 7: Watching a video on Youtube and it’s still buffering, the waiting part is so boring! Type 1980 instead and play a game on the page itself and see a glass shatter over you video. Some cool effects I tell you.

Google Funny Feature 8: Find the loneliest number on Google and yes it can prove why.

Google Funny Feature 9: Google does not recognize period ‘.’ as a character in the email address, so add as many periods as you want to your email id and you’ll still be redirected to the same account.

Google Funny Feature 10: You don’t need to go to a specific site to check the flight status or package status, just Google it and Google will give you the result.

Google Funny Feature 11: Google chrome also has its task manager, type Shift+ Esc to check the status.

Google Funny Feature 12: Visit Google Earth, press Ctrl+ A and fly over the terrain.
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