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Awesome idea for subtitle plugin

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Default Awesome idea for subtitle plugin

Hi all
I hope thatís the right fourm for such topic!
I have a nice idea for subtitle plugin! Thatís able to
*Auto download external subtitle file and auto synchronize it with the channel!
*Parent control by mute the sound and black the screen during nude scene!

And I have a cool idea for that to be accurate and easy!
* That's for channels have EPG and subtitle (Hbo-Hbo2-Hbo3Ö.)
* We will choose the language of main subtitle (for me Arabic)
* The plugin will auto download subtitle file using EPG event name from any site like
* The plugin will download two languages of subtitles, language that I want which is
Arabic and the second language is the language of subtitle already with the channel
So if the channel have English subtitle then the second downloaded file will be English
subtitle and so onÖ
* He will capture one subtitle line from the channel and search it in the downloaded
subtitle and get the time for that line and set that time for Arabic subtitle, and that will
make the external subtitle file synchronized with the channel!
* And for sure he will be able to control subtitle font and position and color

for parent control , there are sites (porn) that give nude scenes for every movies
(time and duration!) so we use those to build database that contain movie name and start
and end of every nude scene in the movie Since we already have the time of movie using
the subtitle as explained above then the plugin will be able to black the screen and mute
sound at defined times thanks to the previous database!!
// I know there is a parent control option that block the channel based on EPG rating
but this plugin will allow to watch the movie without any nude scene!

This plugin will be so helpful since we will be able to watch many channels with our fav
subtitle language! Plus he will cut any nude scene!
I canít understand why there is no advanced plugins for dvb cards compared to receivers !
since the dvb card installed in pc then For example
//we can do for example a plugin that take snapshot of bottom screen (for printed subtitle
in the movies) and send the pic to program that able to turn the subtitle of pic to text
and compared to subtitle file and get time then set that time for Arabic subtitle (or your fav language)

Sadly I donít know programming, and I hope that someone like the idea and able to volunteer
and do such plugin!!

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