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Weakest Transponders

Transponder News

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Default Weakest Transponders

Weakest Transponders 53°east to 30°west April 17th 2021
By William-1 (all transponders DVB-S unless stated)
TM6902HD + 100cm dish,

53°east 12632 V 3000 Al Manar TV
52°east 10845 V 27500 Asr TV HD
51.5°east 11290 H 45000 DVB-S2 Rebel

46°east 11025 H 12700 ARB HD 77% SQ
42°east 11045 H 4800 Show Max SD 59% SQ
39°east 12223 H 13381 DVB-S2 ERT 1 77% SQ
36°east 11586 H 2171 Al Anbar 53% SQ
26°east 12182 H 16200 Yemen TV 54% SQ
21.6°east 11689 V 1300 Yemen Today TV 52% SQ
16°east 12639 H 10833 DVB-S2 RTSH 24 HD 66% SQ
10°east 10840 V 2061 DVB-S2 ORTC 66% SQ
7°east 12525 V 4444 DVB-S2 Echorouk TV HD 66% SQ
5°east 11345 H 30000 DVB-S2 SBN International 61% SQ
3°west 11462 V 3062 DVB-S2 ABS test card 37% SQ
4°west 12410 H 20833 Black Sea TV 61% SQ
7.3°west 11680 H 27500 Canal Algeria 2 53% SQ
8°west 10971 V 27500 Al Jazeera English 58% SQ
15°west 12589 H 3400 MSNBC (DAD-5) 65% SQ
22°west 12674 H 20740 Canal Algérie 2 74% SQ

Weakest transponders observed,
No % scale used as all receivers are different as 60% on one may be 20% on another receiver,

28.2°east 23.5°east 19.2°east 13°east 9°east 4.8°east 3.1°east 1.9°east 5°west 14°west & 30°west are not included here as there are no weak transponders received in the East of England.
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