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What is your go to software for Hard TO find Biss Keys

Encryptions chat

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First, i'm discussing with you how to find the BISS CW key but you haven't posted any BISS CW on this forum, with no intention of insulting.

Originally Posted by kebien View Post
You get a nvidia card with tons of cuda cores,I mean tons,no less.
Then you make a team of people that also has a lots of cuda cores,I mean a lot.
Read cudabiss readme and use the correct search mode.
Assign a different search range for everyone in the team.
You should hit it in ~20 minutes,if it takes the whole range.
Used to be in one team and keys were found in 10 or less.
This method is long gone !!!
Do you think I'm a stupid and don't know enough about this topic?
You compare the past time and the present???!!! Working hours used to be a lot cheaper than today. Today time everything is mostly just business and money.

Is it (old method) less cost (for one CW found) than $50-$60 (one Chinese BISS AU receiver) for a dozen CWs found in 20 minutes.

If you really want to be a safe and fast CW hunter, the only way is to have a fast PC with the hard Nvidia GTX (support CUDA) graph.card, CSA RBT v1 and v2 and preferably at least two BISS AU receivers with motorized Dish's , which can be confirmed by people like @tani1, @L'Algerino, @Pwer, @omid1348, @vakula and many others.

Everything else is a "game of chance" (fifty-fifty) like my CWFinder with a good CW_Brute_list (and for members who do not have powerful hardware or BISS AU receiver) ... or usually as an end result "zero" (nothing) to found BISS CW.

I don't want to confront you anymore because I still have respect for you because of other topics on this forum!!!
"Don't always say what you know, but always know what you say.
" (Matthias Claudius)
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