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Linux Advantages

Linux Chat

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Default Linux Advantages

Lets see if I can recruit members.

Apart from thread "cross-compilation issue", last post for Linux date 2015. Now this is not totally true. Enigma2 Boxes users do play with Linux from time to time. So there are Linux comments all around the forum. Free, Powerful and versatile. That is the reason to be installed in most of consumer devices, from routers, Satellite boxes, Phones ( Android runs on top of Linux ) etc, etc.

Now imagine I can give you a OS with ALL YOUR Files, that you can carry on your pants pocket, Key chain or collar. Imagine it is build READ ONLY just like the firmware of your E2 Satbox. So if you make a mistake just do reset and in 1 or 2 minutes you have a brand new OS, with all your preferred apps and settings. Try that with windows, you spends days if not weeks. And / or with a Small backup you recover all your files on next reboot. You can even choose Never to save Changes. So an attacker can Install whatever they want in your OS, this is of no importance. As in your next reboot all changes are gone, so no attack install survive. OOHHH I can write for hours many advantages of such OS.

Had you see how the governments now go to your house and office and take or remove you computers to gather evidence. If your Real OS is in your neck, they can take and look all they want in your PC and find nothing!!!

Now Clearly this challenge the PC Security Model the system has teach you. No way that your government, OS Provider etc will want you to accept an OS that is Read ONLY. Where they will upgrade your system if it is Read ONLY!!.

My friends this is called a frugal install. And it is available. But the main Linux Distribution try to make fun of us by calling us Toy Linux. Are they funny. I do not know who invented the Idea. There are many distros that uses this method, in fact the so called Live Installation CD of the main distros are in fact a minimal frugal install.

Lest see if anyone gets interested.

NOTE: Do you know that in Linux you can execute most of the Windows programs!!! I do it all the time.
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