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Latest Version of TS-Doctor

Dreambox Tools

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On a german Board for a media player called "Popcorn Hour" I (ararat/khan) found a useful tool that is still free, but may perhaps some day become commercial. It´s called TS-Doctor and I consider it recommendable for all SAT/Cable viewers who do recordings with their devices.

I therefore translated the (until yesterday) only existing german manual into English, because I thought this useful for SAT-Universe members and in addition sent it to the author (Cypheros) who will imply it (I attach his revised version to this post) in the next release of his software. He allowed me to post about his tool, TS-Doctor, and his website, when I asked him to.

Note: The TS-Doctor GUI could be set to English language already before, but the menu item "Help/Manual" didn´t work, because the program couldn´t find a .pdf file called "manual.pdf" in TS-Doctor´s program folder. Copied there manually it works from within the software. (Only necessary for version Beta 0.95 or earlier)

So, what does the tool do?

Before I might forget it: In its tools section TS-Doctor amongst other tools supplies you with an excellent FILE MERGER that even handles overleaping transport stream chunks like the difficult ones of Comag SL 100 HD recordings.(much better than using Windows´"copy /b *.ts combined.ts").

The main program itself corrects (e.g. color space) cleans and to some degree repairs your recordings - (read manual.pdf). In addidion it eliminates useless streams (Teletext and others - you can choose to keep them, though), thus creating files of less size that play well on media players (or DVD/Mini-Bluray if you remux them with TS4NP or TSRemux).

Dreambox users
can patch DVB streams that afterwards can be played back with the dreambox. Beginning an End of a recording can be trimmed within a preview window.

The cutting/preview function works very precisely (If you don´t need to cut in the middle of a recording: better than h264tscutter).

This tool nearly does ALL IN ONE (except remuxing).

Set it to English language with <<< EINSTELLUNGEN/OPTIONEN/ALLGEMEIN-Sprache (Choose "Englisch")/ OK ****>

The latest version and more interesting DVB stuff you can download from
The page is available only in german at the moment. (You will find the link in manual.pdf as well- if server deletes link in my post) (

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