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Question How to convert eCWPK to dCWPK ?

I have dump with following data.
Can someone help me to get the decrypted values ?

Dumpfile from DCI402HD


SoC is a STi 7105 KUD

Block Header: 000001B1
IRD = 0x 6B79E473
IRD = 1803150451
key(2008) = 67A99088B113A1AF
key(3008) = 5B027997D87596C9
key(3140) == (RSA) = 90C2C427E76113D982F740F65663AC3A684013C707DE3CFF710F327A87CA6E621F4C8A5AA21BFABFCF997F4C9655A07BFD22AD230B499E2D3D3DC373F198BCD5
key(3240) == (RSA) = 9F412CF1ABCA75CD28140E0E267146CBE4FC9D8C0F1C183CF75BD458F943AB632AC896101ABBDF89F13B1F9D60CC8B6B80C06359AC2A3B91DFEBBEAC8F9BF777
key(3310) = F1359B3FAB0258874362EFFC12BECD76
key(3460) = DAB29A61238D766C858CBA46F29F49B8236D8E846F400053529D7505B7EBC26E373B63D4DBE45F6FC8751736FBE41304492936E5CC14308FB3F1D90621E232542ED5A947001CA6607C87F7620CC8B51BE52D5E36B4ADB23727ACCD53B1E35CEF
key(3588) = F80785E27E4C80F7EAFFC74A9A71E4E917A602BC4804B04947E3D0C0BB78D00718DA2FDC54AECFF1B705896E141ACDE34E5AE65DA4F2B6BAD2ABA124E1C2469966D13A83FC7FF5F5999E4514C8C4EE442DC941B0F5A285D714F4056F7F4CC2B177D3B47B6621A78492FB50BEF93A668564D8F45C118D54FB9FEDA30FE76F3138CA2677F32A212E55
key(D008) = E9CE27A73ABE27FF
key(E002) = 0001
key(D008) XOR key(3008) == (BoxKey) = B2CC5E30E2CBB136

LOG Created by:
Crypto Calc & Logger & [email protected] CAK7 Data Finder & CWPK Decrypter
UPDATE -> Pliki użytkownika CryptoCalc -

Searching... 0x 000000B3
String was not found in file

Searching... 0x 00000097
String was found at offset 0x40000
String length 0xC0
NUID = 0x B49A27F2
NUID = 3030001650

Block Header: 00000097
NUID = 0x B49A27F2
NUID = 3030001650
Provider ID: 0401
Header CWPK: 0x81
Header CWPK key sizes: 0x10
CWPK0 Encrypted: 93D2559674C5157CE005E94B9C28B09E
CWPK1 Encrypted: C7E7D50437F7B2A52AF6BB8A6B0099AD
CWPK2 Encrypted: 303B250CBC59297555A198C94CBC7055
CWPK3 Encrypted: 57A9229DCD9FA926C5802DF1F529BEEE
CWPK4 Encrypted: 497E701CFFF2B37ADAEFD433D0AF7A41
CWPK5 Encrypted: FA3AF2032EAFC835E9E1B6D4B941B893
CWPK6 Encrypted: 234EC088CAC4A04F2D6A19163EB215AE
CWPK7 Encrypted: D45DA7D8C316A2A7BE223770955EB1EA

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