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Originally Posted by shishmish View Post
In my opinion, in a situation where this topic is not respected and also unnecessary due to the upcoming new BISS2 encryption, the topic should be closed. i opened it and now i suggest moderators close it! I have already closed it in my work.
Greetings and live in peace!
I understand your point, but problem has already been resolved.
Then Biss2 seems to be luckily very far to be extended everywhere and feeds are still a lots except in those days where coronavirus pandemy has stopped great part of world sport
So cw_list method is still very useful

I've just done a rapid check

On Sunday 08/03 I registered 177 biss feeds.
For those 104 cw were new (many as usual valid only for one time).

Relative to those 177 feeds, 85 cw could be found with a good cw_list attack (I include in this virtual cw_list file old cw, cw already posted during the day and valid for other feeds appeared later on same or different satellites, new cw that follow a determinated pattern+date and could be included in list).

This means on 177 feeds near half could be found with a good updated/studied cw_list. And this seems to me a very good thing

So thread can stay up as still very useful.
The only note, and I leave decision to supermods as barney115, tani1, sahafe... it could be a good thing to close this thread and open another one only for cw_list upload (as we do for softcams.keys). So to remove unnecessary chats

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