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Originally Posted by The-viewer View Post
Ftp question.
I want to install gbox on to my dreambox 800se (its a genuine box not a clone,Its running Gemini image.I don't want to install a brand new image.I have found gbox 1.1 zip file.I have renamed the file to a tbz2 file.ftp over to var/ temp but its not seeing the folder even after rebooting.Its been such a long while since I did this do I need to unzip it first.then rename it to a tb2 file ftp it over.any guidance on this would be appreciated.
I know at 1 time you could down load the file but I haven't got an up-to-date url file.


if you havent the correct start script your IMG cccam not works

3 methode

1 instal blue pannel or ts pannel & dl & instl emu
by remote with menu

2 seek & Dl the gemini emu pack E2 gbox.ipk put to /tmp
and manuel instal with remote by button : menu

3 unzip the GBOX pack & put EACH FILE TO CORRECT PLACE
gbox.bin usr/bin + 755 usr/scrip + 755

if you havent the correct start script your IMG cccam not works

@ +
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