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Lewis Hamilton believes a repeat of his 2008 victory around Monaco would hopefully be the start of "something very special" this year.

Hamilton is still searching for his first win this season, and his first in nine races with his last coming in Singapore in September.

The 25-year-old is convinced with the McLaren he has beneath him, an elusive triumph to boost his championship chances is just over the horizon.

"Although we weren't at the top of the times the car felt good," said Hamilton after finishing seventh quickest in practice at the end of yesterday's two 90-minute sessions.

"I love being here, and on this track the car feels light years ahead of last year's car.

"We've made some good steps forward with the set up, and although everyone is quite competitive, I think we should be okay.

"We'll still have to do our homework, hopefully do a good job and fight for the top three.

"Although this is the best place to win, I'm not going to get my hopes up because we know how competitive everyone is.

"We've just got to hope, keep our fingers cross and do the best job we can.

"But a win here would be the beginning of hopefully something very special, although I won't apply pressure on myself and say it will come this weekend.

"My performances have been pretty good this year, so I just have to build on that, and eventually it has to hit a peak with a win."

Hamilton concedes, though, there is a spring in his step now he is back at his favourite venue, and as he looks to put Sunday's abject disappointment behind him.

Being in Monaco has lifted Hamilton's spirits after a wheel-rim failure saw him crash out of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on the penultimate lap.

"There's a certain buzz, a certain feeling when you're in the car here," added Hamilton, who trails team-mate Jenson Button by 21 points in the drivers' standings.

"When you have a good car here it just feels phenomenal to drive, and you can really do something with it.

"Every time you do something new, finding half a metre here or there, getting an inch closer to a barrier here or there.

"Things just seem to happen so much faster than normal, twice the speed, three times the speed of a normal circuit.

"The barriers are flying by, the road is bumpy, and you are always on the edge and you're thinking 'If I leave it a little bit too late I'm going to be in a barrier'.

"It's just the most incredible feeling."

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