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Jenson Button admits he still needs to get out more a year on from providing a colourful self-assessment.

Ahead of last season's Monaco Grand Prix, following a phenomenal start to the year in which he had won four out of the first five races and was chasing down the title, for the first time in his career Button was eating, sleeping and drinking Formula One.

In immersing himself in the sport in a determined bid to become champion, Button described himself as "a right boring b*****d", a remark that naturally made headlines.

The 30-year-old concedes that now he has a title to his name it has eased the stresses and strains, but in truth little has changed and he is still how he characterised himself.

"I'm a lot more relaxed now than I was last year, definitely so, but I still think about Formula One maybe too much," Button said.

"Sometimes you need a break, to get away from it and have another hobby, which I have - triathlons, but I haven't done any since August last year.

"So most of the time I'm still thinking about Formula One, which is sometimes a good thing, sometimes it isn't.

"That's because you do need to get away to ensure you are far more fresh when you return.

"So I would say I am pretty similar to last year, just a bit more relaxed."

Becoming champion and switching to McLaren from Brawn GP has also played a key role in Button failing to escape as much as he would like.

McLaren are, and have always been, sponsor orientated, placing high demands on their drivers to ensure those who pay into the team are rewarded.

It has had an effect as Button's fitness regime has tailed off, although not to a degree where it has damaged his racing.

"I'm definitely busier here," added Button.

"The thing is, when you get a day off, sometimes you need to rest from everything.

"But I want to get out there and train to make sure it doesn't drop off.

"There has to be a balance to everything, and I've probably not trained as much as I would like.

"But I'm definitely training enough for racing, and that's the most important thing to me. That's number one.

"It's a busy schedule with McLaren, but we make sure it's balanced, that it's not too overpowering and we're not tired when we get to the circuit."

To underline the demands on his time, Monaco-resident Button only trained near his home for the first time this week, otherwise it was on the hoof at wherever he happened to be.

"Monday and Tuesday of next week I'm free as well, so I'm going to go out training up in the hills," said Button, who is from Frome in Somerset.

"It's not that I'm struggling because I'm way fit enough to drive an F1 car, but it would be nice if I could train a bit more.

"The most important thing, as I said, is that it's Formula One, and I need something else to enjoy, which I do, and that's triathlons.

"I have to appreciate it's always busier at the start of the year than during the year because you have a lot of sponsors that want to start their campaigns, whether it's pictures, photos or film.

"It's starting to get quieter now."

That will particularly be the case after this weekend, one in which Button will be hoping to emulate his feat of last season when he scored the greatest victory of his career.

Practice on Thursday, though, was a difficult examination for Button as he only managed the ninth best time, seven tenths of a second behind Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

With Monaco quiet on Friday ahead of qualifying on Saturday, Button remains upbeat, adding: "I'm reasonably happy, although we don't know where we stand.

"But the Ferrari looks very quick, and I'm sure Red Bull are hiding their pace, so it's the normal people at the front and hopefully we'll be there tomorrow morning.

"Qualifying we have to keep our heads on, stay relaxed and try best to get through it.

"Getting angry in the session, which I'm sure some people will do, is not the right thing."

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