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Jarno Trulli is hoping to avoid a repeat of his first Monaco Grand Prix 13 years ago when he spent so much time looking in his mirrors he ended up in a barrier.

Trulli was competing in only the fourth race of his Formula One career with perennial backmarkers Minardi in 1997, and it was one to forget for the Italian.

After just seven laps Trulli spun off, and there are now fears this Sunday's grand prix - his 14th around the streets of Monte-Carlo - will culminate in something similar with Lotus.

Trulli is fully expecting to keep as much of an eye on the road as he will on the marshals waving blue flags urging him to pull over and let by the field's quicker cars.

"Because I was being given blue flags to let everybody past, and because of my inexperience, I ended up in the wall," said Trulli.

"I hope that's something I'm not going to do again this year with my greater experience.

"But on the other hand, since I've been racing this year, I would say I spend more than half the race looking out for blue flags.

"It's not fun as it requires a lot of concentration.

"But because the speed difference is quite a lot between ourselves and the quicker cars, you are going to hit blue flags nearly every lap from before halfway to the end.

"So it's not going to be easy for me, nor will it be easy for the guys who have to lap us. I hope they understand that.

"But I will personally do my best during the race to let them by."

At least Trulli and Lotus team-mate Heikki Kovalainen suggested the Norfolk-based marque might have a respectable weekend.

The duo finished 3.2secs and 3.7secs respectively behind Ferrari's Fernando Alonso at the end of Thursday's two 90-minute practice sessions.

Trulli, though, was hampered by an engine issue in the second session that allowed him to complete just 13 laps, which resulted in a feeling of "frustration."

"In losing time in the garage I didn't really get the chance to push as I'd have liked on track," added Trulli.

"The times were coming down, but unfortunately in Monaco every single minute you lose being on track is going to cost you a little bit throughout the weekend.

"Obviously I'm experienced, so on the driver's side it won't affect me, but with the car we still need to find the right set-up and the right balance."

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