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I Was going to go with M.2 or NVMe SSD but my Nvidia GPU is too big and pretty much takes up the slot for the Main board SSD .
The heat sink in my old PC was Cooling Air but the noise of it was just driving me insane which is my biggest excuse for not going that exact route, but i get what you are saying and the water cooling i will be going for is just none were available at the time and i did not wanna pay the extra rip off customs fees which is why i nobody can or will buy anything from UK anymore even from USA still has to go to UK and get robbed for Customs fees .

I WILL SWAP MY 1TB SSD For a Samsung 860 QVO 4TB SSD
and use for more chain tables but not sure its a worthwhile project with BISS 2 Coming along rapidly ,
but my biggest reason for upgrading is i wanna get into retro gaming much more i am learning about installing software i have all the ROMS alreeady d/loaded good to go and was well on my way until my old PC gave up, but hopefully now i'll be able to get back into it again and get it running properly : )
Thnxs for the feedback guys hopefully ive made a few good choices this new PC Does feel much faster at least and not lagging too much with anything as yet !!
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