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Nemsis_4.4_CCcam 2.3.0&Mgcamd_1.38

Present to you today a picture Nmcis knife Rm-5

Amendments :

- Change the original logo
- Languages: English Arabic French
- change the original knife

- Merge CCcam_2.3.0 away from the var
- Merge Mgcamd_1.38 away from the var
- Merge CCcam info away from the var
- Merge Blogin Ecminfo to follow up the case of a server

- add a property Join
- Add another file frequencies very modern and comprehensive for each satellite
- Add servers To download Alaamohat and to non-Malk
- delete some unnecessary files to keep the image
- and you Tgierallojohat easily go to the path var / bin / images

- Delete the background that you want to change first, and then add the new
- Place the background start logo on behalf of the logo
- Place the background radio logo on behalf of radio
- Background Put logo on behalf of scan
- Place the background mp3 logo on behalf of mp3
- Just send a subscription file var / etc
- This image can be passed by flachwizar or dreamup




All rights reserved to the owner by Midar_sat
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