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Default Sif image r11453 for Ipbox 9000 HD

Based on DGS release

DGS release r11453: ( 8/Dec/2009)

0. Changed DB structure, therefore, you have to download usb_all_noboot.img, PC editor will be supported this version of DB at soon(Thanks to JonDoe)
0.1 this image is usb_noboot.img with multiboot.cfg for original DGS images as current flash memory(number 3).

1. Changed Main Menu OSD navigation method and sorting function on channel list (All, Satellite, Provider, Favorites)

2. Supported HE-AAC audio for DVB-T, but it is not supported to TV system that does not have HDCP function at this moment.

3. Supported usb_all_noboot.img using usb memory stick in USB upgrade menu(Main menu/Installation/Software Upgrade/Upgrade via USB Sitck), 
therefore, from this version, you can download new image in menu using "upgrade via USB stick" menu.

4. Added RSS reader plugin(Thanks to Kneubi)

5. Fixed artefact bug with MPEG4 HD channels, especially, Premiere HD channels from satellite or cable.

6. Fixed flushing subtitle on Thor 1.0W

7. Fixed scheduled recording bug(weekday, weekend)

8. Improved Unicable function as setting two tuner parameters in one menu

9. Improved Fastscan function for Netherland Users

10.Improved Motorized DiSEqC1.2 and USALS function

11.Improved Daylight Saving function

12.Improved displaying MHW EPG

1. Prohobited to recording, and PIP function in Server box when Multiroom Service or Streaming Player is running.
and The boxes should have same FTP user ID/Password with server box and client box when you use Multiroom service function

2. Caution : When encoding the file, Playback via XVID player will be affected by condition of a kind of CODEC, FPS(frame per second) and the Resolution.
And XVID player doesnĄ¯t support resolution higher than 720P 
therefore, we recommend as below conditions.

1) resolution : equal or under 720p
2) FPS : 24, 25 and 30 fps.
3) A/V Codec
Video Codec : XVID(Without GMC or Qpel), OpenDivx(less than Divx5.2), MPEG1, MPEG2, H.264
Audio Codec : MPEG layer 1,2, MP3, AC3

if XVID file has GMC or Qpel option when encoding, it will not work properly. 

if the file was encoded by MPEG 1 or MPEG 2, XVID player doesnĄ¯t support Adjusting Sync function and Jump forward/backward function

3. ext3 file system is slower than ext2 normally.
If you will record two HD channels with ext3 at the same time, it may fail in record.

we have checked the speed as below
ext2 speed : approximately 7MB/s
ext3 speed : approximately 3MB/s

1. we strongly recommend to format your USB memory stick before the new image copy in it, otherwise, it may happen "ER10".
2. you should download usb_all_noboot.img into STB for improving Web interface and plugins, otherwise, the function
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