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Monday 10/05/2021 CEST (GMT +2)

Keep an eye out for shoutbox updates from the SU Team

Dont Forget FEEDS are posted here:
and Biss Feed Keys are posted here:

Compiled using info from LJ's Live On Sat, Najmsat 2018/2024, Livesoccertv, and other websites (eg Arena Sport, CBC Sport, SKAI, ANT1, MakedoniaTV, TRT, Open Beyond TV, Idman, Sportsmax, RAI Sport, Sport 1 Deutschland, Digea, ERT, TVSH-Sat, Arryadia, ESPN & Sky Sport News Deutschland)

Don't Forget there may also be matches at 52E channels eg on 10846 V [ASR TV], 10887 V [Varzesh TV3, Varzesh TV2, XO TV] etc also worth checking 15W 12588 H & 22W 11162 H for those NBC, CNBC, MSNBC & NBC Sports Network feeds, TRT Biss Feeds at 42E & Mediaset Italia Feeds at 8W.

AND at the moment - Dont forget to wash your hands, wear face coverings (nose & mouth) & Respect Social Distancing.

KTRK Website Unavailable at Time of Posting:

Serie BKT (Serie B, Week 38)
14:00 Pescara - Salernitana
Rai Sport HD
-Eutelsat 5W -11179 V 30000 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)
Rai Sport+ HD
-Eutelsat 5W -11179 V 30000 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)
Rai Sport
-Eutelsat 5W -11013 V 30000 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

Ekstraklasa (Week 29)
18:00 Rakw Czestochowa - Piast Gliwice
Input Media Group 1080i HD 4:2:0 Feed (Feed ID: "POL-102 A")
-Eutelsat 7E -11190 H 7200 -Biss -thx Pwer (Key: Click Here)

Arena Sport 3 Serbia
-BulgariaSat 1.9E -12380 H 30000 -Tandberg(**)

Casa Liga 1 (Championship Round, Group A Play Offs, Week 7)
18:00 CFR Cluj - Sepsi OSK Sfntu Gheorghe
Digi Sport 1 Romania 1080i HD 4:2:0 Feed (Feed ID: "digisport")
-Intelsat 1W -12527 V 6660 -Biss -thx giku (Key: Click Here)

20:30 Steaua București - Academica Clinceni
Digi Sport 1 Romania 1080i HD 4:2:0 Feed (Feed ID: "B 101 DGI")
-Intelsat 1W -12541 V 6660 -Biss -thx Ratzvan (Key: Click Here)

Liga NOS (Primeira Liga)(Matchday 32 of 34)
19:00 Portimonense - Moreirense
Arena Sport 2 Serbia
-BulgariaSat 1.9E -12380 H 30000 -Tandberg(**)

21:15 Porto - Farense
Arena Sport 2 Serbia
-BulgariaSat 1.9E -12380 H 30000 -Tandberg(**)
*IRIB Varzesh HD
-Intelsat 62E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss
*IRIB Varzesh
-Badr 26E -11881 H 27500 -FTA/Biss
-Intelsat 62E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss
-Also Stream on: [Click Here]

The Premier League (Week 35 of 38)
21:00 Fulham - Burnley
BETFRED TV2 or TV3 (IDs: "BETFRED TV (TTV) CISCO 4"/"BETFRED VIRTUAL - CISCO 5")(Showing Sky Sports HD Coverage in SD)
-Astra 4.8E -12418 H 27500 -PowerVU(**) -thx Pwer (Key: Click Here)
*Idman Azərbaycan (Azerbaijan)
-AzerSpace 46E -11175 H 27500 -FTA/Biss
-AzerSpace/Intelsat 45.1E -11555 H 30000 -FTA/Biss(West Africa)
*Futbol HD
-Yahsat (Al Yah) 52.5E -11785 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(East Beam)
(also on NBC Sports Network)

LaLiga Santander (The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera Divisin, Week 35)
21:00 Real Betis - Granada
CBC Sport HD
-AzerSpace 46E -11135 H 27500 -FTA/FixedCW
-AzerSpace/Intelsat 45.1E -11554 H 30000 -FTA/FixedCW(Africa)
Trkmenistan Sport HD (Showing Setanta Sports 1 Eurasia)
-Turkmenlem/MonacoSat 52E -12304 V 27500 -FTA
*Varzish Sport (Tajikistan Farsi) HD
-Yahsat (Al Yah) 52.5E -11785 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(East Beam)
-NSS 57E -11565 H 10740 -FTA/Biss(Central Asia/East Beam)
*Signal-3 (tbc)
-Eutelsat 10E -3896 L 5000 -Biss(C-Band)
*Signal-6 (tbc)
-Eutelsat 10E -3900 L 3750 -Biss(C-Band)
*beIN Sports Espaol
-Galaxy 121W -4140 V 30000 -PowerVU(**)(C-Band)
*beIN Sports USA
-Galaxy 121W -4140 V 30000 -PowerVU(**)(C-Band)

Prince Amir Cup (Semi Final)
21:00 Al Duhail - Al Rayyan
*Alkass One HD
-Badr 26E -12245 V 27500 -FTA
-Nilesat 7W -11919 H 27500 -FTA
-Eutelsat/Eshail 25.8E -10770 V 27500 -FTA
*BeIN Sports HD Global/MENA
-Eutelsat 8W -11054 H 27500 -FTA
-Eutelsat/Eshail 25.5E -11566 H 27500 -FTA

Jordanian Pro League (Week 5)
21:30 Al Ramtha - Al Hussein
Jordan Sport HD
-Eutelsat 7.3W -12399 V 27500 -FTA
*Jordan Sport
-Nilesat 7W -11958 H 27500 -FTA

Premier League (Game Week 21)
21:30 Al Ahly - Zamalek
*OnTime Sports HD
-Eutelsat 7.3W -10853 H 27500 -FTA
-Nilesat 7W -11862 V 27500 -FTA
*OnTime Sports
-Eutelsat 7.3W -10853 H 27500 -FTA
-Nilesat 7W -11862 V 27500 -FTA

21:30 National Bank of Egypt - Ismaily
*OnTime Sports 2 HD
-Eutelsat 7.3W -10853 H 27500 -FTA
-Nilesat 7W -11862 V 27500 -FTA
*OnTime Sports 2
-Eutelsat 7.3W -10853 H 27500 -FTA
-Nilesat 7W -11862 V 27500 -FTA

21:30 El Gounah - Aswan
*OnTime Sports 3 HD
-Nilesat 7W -12303 H 27500 -FTA
*OnTime Sports 3
-Nilesat 7W -12303 H 27500 -FTA

Thread last Updated 10/05/21 @ 19:44 CEST (Added info from LJ's Live On Sat, Najmsat,, & info from Various Channels websites)

Thanks as always to kugujen, barney115, yesplus, mikeisyou, sahafe, Psilos2003, feed army, vakula, bachir strong, chelo71, Pwer, FaDeL, Serjoga, Venko, yesplus, Forsat, nik74, william-1, eniz9, EbenDer, emtoni, marokino08, candis320, ahmet.atr, elpa5 & kaka88......) and the rest of the SU Team

*Unable to test reception of channel (No Signal or Outside reception area). I can only test UK reception area with 54.9E to 30W reception arc, 1.06m Dish in Ku-Band and 40E to 11W in C-Band. In DVB-S, S2, S2X, Multistream & T2MI Multistream. Please let me know if any channels marked with an Asterisk Symbol are no longer available with EMUlation or FTA.

**Relevant PowerVU or Tandberg Enabled Devices Only

If anyone can help with listings for live matches on MBC MASR (7W/8W), DUBAI SPORTS (26E/7W/13E), OMAN SPORTS (7W/26E), SAUDI SPORTS (26E/7W), AL KASS SPORTS (26E/7W), please give us the details to add to this thread (all in one place IS the best idea )

3 Sport TV (48E) has info on Facebook It is also worth checking out IRIB TV3/Varesh (26E), Rah e Farda TV (48E/42E), TAMADON TV (52.5E), NEGAAH (52.5E/48E), Qellat TV (57E), Lemar (52.5E), Maiwand (52.5E) & Silemani TV (57E). Don't forget A Spor & Sports TV Turkey have rights to matches (42E), also TV Togo 9E (Ku), 10E (C) & TV Zimbo 10E (Ku) and NKTV Evrokom 39E/45E. 46E Idman/AZTV sometimes have Europe Beam Feeds active during matches eg 46E 11068 H 3333 (blind scan range 11000-11100). And of course worth checking other African channels ORTB, ORTM, ORTC, RTS1 Senegal, RTI1 Cte d'Ivoire, Tele Sahel, Tele Africa, RTG1 Gabon, CRTV, Label TV........(Mainly on 9E and 5W. ORTC is on 10E. RTI1 is on 9E & 26E. TV Zimbo is on 10E and TFM Senegal is on 7E) and Bookies 4.8E, 16E & 24.5W feeds.

More in the Feeds & Biss Key Feeds Sections (Remember No Chat Please in Key Sections, Please keep CHAT in the CHAT sections)

Remember Channels are subject to change and Late schedule changes (Sources used sometimes have errors which hopefully are not copied here eg 1TV Russia and Rossia 1 are often confused). Please feel free to PM me or SU team any updates/late changes/corrections etc
"It's All Good": Watching Pay TV without a subscription can be illegal! That's why full card support is included. Please remember to use the "THANKS" button if you find file/info useful...

Technomate TM-1 0.1db LNB Ku-Band, DMS International BSC421 13K LNBF C-Band, TechnomateTM-7102HD-T2 Super (Ku-Band/C-Band) , [email protected] HD50 (Ku-Band HEVC S2X) & Golden Interstar Alpha X (C-Band T2MI), GM60 LED Projector. 53E-30W Ku-Band 53E-11W C-Band 2 x Triax TD110 Motorised Dishes NW UK, Sky UK Basic+Sports Sub. Fausto v1.45 & vplug server. T-Rex & Diablo CAMs. Ku-Band except when stated otherwise: 53E, 52E, 51.5E, 50E, 46E, 45.1E, 42E, 40E(C), 39E, 36E, 33.1E, 28.5E, 28.2E, 26E, 23.5E, 21.6E, 20E(C), 19.2E, 16E, 13E, 10E(Ku/C), 9E, 7E, 5E(C), 4.8E, 3.1E(Ku/C), 1.9E, 0.8W, 1W, 3W, 4W, 5W, 7.3W, 8W, 11W(Ku/C), 12.5W, 14W, 15W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24.5W, 27.5W & 30W.

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