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e2-git changelog

openvix: build 705
[Translations] NL Update
[Translations] NL Update
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
[AudioSelection] test with no BOM to avoid ByteOrderMark issue
Update de.po
[AudioSelection] remove ByteOrderMark else build will fail.
Fix Audio & Subtitle menu to use new audio/subtile buttons as well yellow key to toggle.
update to latest translation files.
[config] add tmnano.
openvix: build 704
Merge pull request #2 from persianpros/patch-1
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
Always ensure that subtitles are started when in timeshift
takes turningspeed value from tuner config - value for displaying dish   turning time are taked from tuner config now - display turning time as   mm:ss only
[InfoBarGenerics] fix SubTitles when in TimeShift.
servicemp3 fix extra header support
[AudioSelection] remove ByteOrderMark else build will fail.
Fix transponder information for currently scanned transponder
Fixed Audio & Subtitle menu/fix to show yellow button when opening Subtitlemenu
Fixed Audio & Subtitle menu. Thanks Delagroov.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
openvix: build 703
[InfoBarGenerics] fix history typo.
Fix previous commit
gdi: Add UnmanagedSurface struct to get rid of "type" member
gdi/accel: Allow inlining getInstance()
servicemp3: rewrite extra headers support
servicemp3 added extra headers support
Revert "PicturePlayer: add option to configure full view resolution"
PicturePlayer: add option to configure full view resolutio
oe-git changelog

openvix: build 705
[lcd4linux] do not depend on 'lcd4linuxsupport' as the latest version lcd4linux supports duo2 natively.
Bump oe-a-plugins
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
{dm7020hdv2] use a simple way to build the dm7020hdv2 with special makefile
openvix: build 704
[enigma2] fix typo.
[openatv] fix bootlogo again
[3rd party feeds] Update
[openatv] small fix bootlogo
[openatv] add dm7020hdv2 bootloags
add dreambox-config
[HDp] Improved CI and Tuners
add files dm7020hdv2
fix typo last commit
add missing files for dm7020hdv2
add dm7070v2 support
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
iptv list updater add python-textutils to depends for https streams
[vuduo2] fix depends.
[oe-plugins] remove previous commit, as not needed of ALL machines, and it should be built as a machine depend.
[plugins] mp switch back to original git atv skin fixed
[3rd party feeds] Update
[HDe] fix vTuner, improved media
[3rd party feeds] Update
oe-plugins add missing vuplus-checkvfd depends
[3rdparty] fix fix et5x00 build
pcsc-lite update download url
* Duo2 driver update 20130722(duo2)  - Fix loop-through problem when 2   dual tuners are installed  - Improve VFD controller update(VFD   controller update will resolve remote control sensitivity issue)
[vuplus] update FirmwareUpdate.
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
dvdread and dvdnav update to new git version old version are down
add missing ini oem boxes pcitures for openweb
[INI] renamed blindscan
[HDe] added blindscan
[HDp] Added some files for HDp model
[openvix] comment out unused packages from feeds, just going to not sync. might be safer.
[openvix] update unused packages from feeds.
[iptvlistupdater] cleanup bb.
[3rdparty] remove old et-portal switxh to git version
[3rd Party Feed] Update
[erdparty] update
[3rd party feeds] Update
[openvix] -po packages are required for feeds, so do not remove.
[openvix] remove unused packages from feeds.
[axas] add backup suite
openvix: build 703
[lcd4linux] add src for openatv and openmips to manage the plugin from webif
[3rd Party Feed] Update & Install
[3rd Party Feed] Update
images can be downloaded directly from the openvix server
or via a online update
menu> setup> software update.

or via a telnet session with the following command

init 4 && opkg update && opkg upgrade && init 6
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