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JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 4.00 beta

*not compatible with older version of Jedi Maker Xtream.*
* please delete any bouquets created with old version - and completely uninstall old plugin before installing new *

Includes all fixes mentioned in the last couple of months.

-Fixed Sky Q skin errors.
-Fixed Foreign Language crashes. (hopefully)
-Fixed Arab font replacement bug
-Fixed no name Categories not being picked up.
-Fixed manually editting playlists bug that was putting things on the same line in playlists.txt
-Rewrote the Update bouquets section, so should be better.
-Added in lots more checks to prevent crashes. (which means its a little bit slower)
-Can now download providers that are huge that download the data in chunks. e.g. la**iptv (requests module required though)
-Fixed some bugs that nobody even mentioned.

Thanks @kiddac

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