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Default Guidance on which oscam to select


I have a Mutant HD51 and a zgemma H7S. I also have a sub with someone for some clines which have worked OK for some time in the Mutant.

I recently updated the oscam in both to a flavour of the latest version (oscam-svn11681-something-or-other) and both kind of work, but with quite a lot of glitching/stop-start, especially on BT Sport but also a bit on other sports channels(which is why I did the update in the first place). The download plugin route gives a quite old version of oscam which doesn't work any better.

Could somebody who has better knowledge please tell me:

1) Which version and variety of the "something or other" would be best for these two boxes? They are both 4K if that's significant. The otherwise helpful listing of versions doesn't mention either box or make.

2) Should I be using a .deb or .ipk file to install a new version? I actually used .ipk for the upgrade mentioned, maybe that is the root of the problem??

3) Last,what is the significance of the files oscam.server and oscam.svrid? Should these be changed/reset when updating version?

Grateful for any advice...many thanks, Martin
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