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Default DM7020 Enigma2 Image Pcd 8.0

Hi friends,

Attached is the new version 8.0 of the Dm 7020 Enigma2 Image.

Here are some details :

Flash Install : Please note :-

The image can be installed in flash with Dreamup - or on multiboot with Barry Allen.

If installed in flash it will have a free memory of 3.4mb. If Memory Expander (Extra Setup -> Increase memory) is used the free memory increases to 10.0mb.

This image can be used without any additional storage - for example pc, hdd, usb, cf. Of course, for Timeshift and Recording - additional storage is necessary !

Already installed plugins :-

Default skin : SimpleHD

New/Updated in v.8.0 :-

Errors with recording and other items corrected. Shortcut buttons changed.
New plugins WebMediaVlc 9.1 and VlcPlayer2. Details here :-
Plugin WebMediaVlc 9.1 for Powerpc Dreamboxes with Enigma2 Image
Tested with vlc 2.0.2 for streaming.

Features :-

Second Infobar
Multiepg with timer using plugin EPGImport
Skin transparency adustment
Extra Setup with many functions (see attached screenshot)
Network mount
Streaming tv to pc with Webinterface (see method below)
Streaming media (video and music) from pc and internet using vlc 2.0.2.
Streaming tv to android via vlc
Streaming to another dreambox using Partnerbox

Quick-buttons :-

Blue (short press) - Extra setup
Blue (long press) - Extensions
Power (short press) - Standby
Power (long press) - Shutdown menu
INFO (short press) - event info
INFO (long press) - Graphical multi epg
VIDEO - Recoeded videos

Led :-

Standby - red led
Recording - blinking red led

Extra Setup includes :-

Memory expander using hdd, usb etc.

Daemon-manager : To run any daemon - put a start-stop script in a script folder. Insert the script folder path in the Daemon Manager config screen. Default path - /user/script/dman.

Addon-manager : Download and install addons

Software : Additinal software items necessary for some plugins

EPG : configure EPGImport

Subtitles : Change ttx subtitles size and colour

Media/MountManager : Cifs and Nfs mount configure,

User-Script manager

Inadyn, Pmt.tmp, Crond configure


Tips :-

Teletext (tuxtxt):

Enable/disable via Extra Setup. When teletext is enabled - long press and some other buttons do not work. Also numbers input do not work properly.


To start nfsserver at bootup - uncomment (delete #) from /etc/init.d/rcS line :-

#/etc/init.d/nfsserver start &

Edit file /etc/exports if necessary. Default export folder : /media/hdd

Video playback - fast forward/backward (seek action) :

Number buttons work with tv channel recordings. Seek action does not work with vlcplayer downloads.
However, button 0 will put position marker in vlcplayer downloads for restarting.

Plugin Enhancedmoviecenter :

Requires teletext to be enabled. Otherwise it will crash.

Plugin Enigma1 :

Download from Pcd v6 thread

Starts enigma1 features. Uses enigma2 installed daemons. No need to install again.

Some special use of enigma1 -
Plays mp3
Fast forward/backward of vlc recorded videos.

Streaming tv to pc :

Use vlc 2.0.2.

On pc open webif browser.
Click on tv icon. Select Open to start VLC.

Configure vlc 2.0.2 :-

Tools -> Preferences -> All -> Interface -> Main Interface -> Select Web.

Find file c:/Program Files/VideoLAN/VLC/Lua/http/.hosts and insert your dreambox ip (without #).

Configure plugin VlcPlayer2 :-

Server Address - pc ip
Movie Directory - pc directory where the share folder is (for example c:// but NOT c://movies)
Transcode mpeg/DVD video - Yes
When you first use vlc 2.0.2 - give firewall permission if required.

My sincere thanks to all the friends of this image for encouragement and advice, and those who directly contributed with suggestions, testing and patches.
Also my thanks and respect to the authors of the plugins, skins and other items used in this image.

Regards, pcd.

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