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Hello all

Latest 09.05.2015 Updated PowerVU.ini for DVBViewer

New added:
12226-H-25540 ===> [DISCOVERY-EUROPE]
thanx to dahaka for the key

here is the list of my PROVIDERS new set
PROV_1=DISCOVERY-EUROPE 4.8E / 12226-H-25540
PROV_2=DISCOVERY-NETWORKS 4.8E / 12322-V-27500 
PROV_3=ARQIVA 4.8E / 12303-H-25546 
PROV_4=SIS-LIVE 4.8E / 12149-H-27500 12418-H-27500
PROV_5=AFN 9.0E / 11766-V-27500 11804-V-27500 
PROV_6=ARQIVA-HD 9.0E / 12092-H-27500
PROV_7=BCC-TV 9.0E / 11823-H-27500
PROV_8=BWTV 13.0E / 11054-H-27500
PROV_9=TELEIPPICA-1 16.0E / 12699-H-9880
PROV_10=TELEIPPICA-2 16.0E / 12654-H-11111
PROV_11=BWTV2 57.0E / 11007-V-4880
PROV_12=FOX-NEWS 0.8W / 12380-V-28000
PROV_13=Discovery-Networks-Europe 0.8W 12303-V-27500
PROV_14=HBO 4.0W / 10934-H-13750 
PROV_15=BWTV1 7.0W / 11595-V-27500
PROV_16=FIGHT-NETWORK 15.0W / 11611-H-4055
PROV_17=CNN-EUR 22.0W / 11563-H-6110
PROV_18=OVERON 30.0W / 12092-V-27500
PROV_19=ABERTIS 30.0W / 11510-V-10000
choose your location DVBViewer path from the attachment files and they are setted as follow

C:\Program Files\DVBViewer\CSA.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\CSA.dll
thanks to all who edited the lines and informed us

for further information visit post 340 here

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