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Latest Updated softcam.key 03.05.2015 for DVB Viewer Pro + PowerVuEmu

replace my softcam.key with the old one provided

it depends on your installed path
C:\Program Files\DVBViewer\Plugins
C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\Plugins
11804-V-27500 & 11766-V-27500


In my edited softcam.key there is one provider (00B0)is repeated 3 times and they are:

Animal Planet Europe on 4.8E 12226-H-25540
SIS VISION AUDIO & VBI - CISCO 1 on 4.8E 12418-H-27500
HD SPORTS on 9.0E 11804-V-27500

so I put -00B0 with Animal Planet Europe and SIS VISION AUDIO & VBI - CISCO 1

and I had choose HD SPORTS on 9.0E 11804-V-27500 to be active because it's the best I guess

anyway if you need to watch 00B0 Animal Planet Europe or 00B0 SIS VISION AUDIO & VBI - CISCO 1 only edit my softcam.key and delete - from 00B0 and put - in 00B0 for HD SPORTS.

special thanks to Anubis_Ir for the new EMU

press thanks if you like my post

cheers !!

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