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Default Lasted FW Octagon SF1018 HD ALLIANCE



for Octagon HD SF 1018 HDTV - ALLIANCE:

- DivX Player bug fix.
- Loca channel number change to off (default value)
--> Ch. sort function improved
- Im Normal Mode SmartCard line viewable ( CAS Menu)
- FastScan function improved
- Auto Find in Service Search improved
- S02 SmartCard problem fix.
- Betacrypt card recognition improved
- MCAS Smartcard update
- Front Display bug (error) fix.
- Files / Ch. rename / delete bug fix.
- Several PVR Files delete bug fix.
- When saving store sytem data bug fix.
- Regarding Record file time error fix.
- Config LCN on/off for Dutch market (Netherland)
- In playfilelist, TS file file size error fix.
- When recording stop, the event name check, and rename it with 
  new event name
- When recording stop, and rename ts file, the information of fileplaylist 
  are updating
- SAT & TP Database update
- Smargo FTDI Driver update
- USB WLAN prep. & driver (soon more)
- Minor bugs fix.

IMPORTANT: Advice for Software and Setting Update

Please save/copy Swoftware & Setting files in MAIN Directory from your USB Stick !

Please make after SW update Factory Reset (System Recovery) !

SmartCard Activate:
Pls. Press Menü --> Utilities --> CAS --> OK Button --> Enter PIN 1018
--> SmartCard ON/OFF

CAM Start/Stop:
--> Start : Menu + Red Button
--> Stop : Menu + Blue Button

Storage Setup`s (Save/Store to STB):
Menu --> Installation --> System Recovery --> Press OK Button :
--> System restore to stored Position (recover/restore Backup)
--> Store System Data (Backup Store)

Storage Setup`s to USB Stick/Storage:
Menu --> System Tools --> Data Transfer --> Press OK Button :
--> Transfer All System Data to USB Storage
--> Transfer Service Data to USB Storage (Channel list)
--> Data Download from USB Storage

Sky Prem*** Portal (Multifeed) - Taste --> Blue Button

Master Password: 1018

Connection STB to PC:
- Connect STB with LAN Cable to PC
- Menu --> Installation --> Netzwork Settings --> change DHCP off and ON
--> Pls. wait until your IP nummer showing
--> Workstation in PC --> In Address Bar \\ (flashx2) give \\IP number 
      and Press ENTER
--> You can see : Root (LINUX) & Storage (Speicher SATA HDD + USB1 
      + USB2) !
--> Also can use Samba and FileZila Program !
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