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Update 16.04.2019: The ACL is currently no longer usable for Sky V13 / 14/15

CHANGELOG One4All Version 2.50

This is the second release with real pairing support for Sky (Germany) !
Prepared for the actual highest pairing level. Use it at your own risk !

Select in item 'pairing mode' of smartcard menu the option SKY_GER_DEFAULT by OK-button, enjoy because probably it will work well for many additional years.

Actually from this pairing mode are excepted Sky1 and Sky UHD !
These channels are running successful by highes pairing mode 'MONOGAMY' only, of course with One4All, but only if you put in the corresponding 4 parameters:

1. BoxID:
The printed ID at bottom of Sky device like CA-SN, CAM-ID or STB-ID. From all 16 digits use the follow 10 digits only: xxxxxNNNNNNNNNNx
(as alternative methode read it directly from smartcard - select menu item 'BoxID - Read from smartcard')

2. NonceID
Take this ID from your Sky devices menu item 'Service' - 'CA-Dignostic' (byte #5..8) or log the communication between your smartcard and sky device by yourself.
Set model ID (corresponding byte #1..4 in item CA-dignostic) to 'Auto', the individual user input is needed for foreign providers only.
(for deep understanding and logging instructions use keyword 'ins7E')

3. Pairing / Overcrypt Key
The most difficult part is to get out the 16 bytes key from your smartcard or from one of your Sky devices. It's not simply possible to extract because the keysets are located inside a special (pretend-) protected hardware area.
(probable in due time more information are being available, have patience...)
Please note, after storing keys the digits are shown garbled. This is a feature to prevent unauthorized read afterwards.

4. Key type
Select the key type according the overcrypt key source.
K1_CLR: key conforms K1 (for deep understanding use keyword 'etsi klad')
K2_CLR: key conforms K2 (Remark: K2 is the future-proofed key. In case of holding this, you have the ability to exchange between all your smartcards within same subscription without to change or renew the pairing parameters)
K1_O4A and K2_O4A are scheduled for future usage.

Overcrypt algorithm: (3)DES or AES are not needed to preselect, this will recognized automatically.

Before input of nonceID and key you have to calculate each byte (2 digits) to decimal (3 digits) first, for understanding use keyword 'hex dec calc'.

To resolve problems after changing pairing settings or if the smartcard menu is not accessible anymore, please remove the smartcard and select CI menu item 'factory reset'.

Remark for some Enigma devices:
For the 3-digits input maybe at first you have to change the stored CI parental PIN to '0000' (SETUP - CAM/CI - CI Pin), otherwise the input values are being overwitten by wrong data.

Additional changes and bugfixes in this version:
-added support for V15 and further smartcards of miscellaneous providers, check it out
-ECM error message fixed, if no descrambling is possible (distinction between subscription expiration and pairing error fixed)
-added display of ECM status (nano 0F)
-EMM hardware filter expanded up to 4 UAs simultaneous (needed for foreign providers like BeIN and Sky Italia)
-added smartcard option '*** Fastmode' (menu expert - ON means 153600 Baud)

-HD+ global EMM filter fixed (sometimes the periodic subscription refresh has failed)
-HD04 subscription display date fixed

-added support for large Viaccess ECM packets (eg. Hustler and some foreign providers)
-added support for Viaccess default-overcrypt (check it out by option VIAx_DEFAULT') - but note, R2.2 hardware don't support 64Bit CSA encryption ! (eg. Dorcel)

-parental control settings were not stored always, fixed now
-fixed the voltage peak problem during insertion of smartcard (commonly known as power supply capacitor problem), Dream 8000 and other affected devices are working now without attaching a capacitor
-fixed the infrequently transport stream blackout after channel change (sudden decryption blackout, sometimes corrupt post decryption of timer recordings)

-timing problem with DRuNkEn CrEw Loader via USB-CI adapter solved (error message: check module and try again)
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