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Default [Android] WeTek OS v1.1.5 for WeTek Play

From official forum

We are proud to announce that we start seeding OTA update of WeTek OS 1.1.5 [HR][/HR]

- Channel list import/export/conversion optimised from/to DreamSet Editor with Enigma 2 settings

- Fixed and Added support for taking Screenshots of GUI and VIDEO (Video screenshot saved to /tmp, GUI screenshots saved to location /mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/Screenshots ).
To take Screenshot press <- button located near 0 (zero) button.

- Fixed and improved overall stability in WeTek Theater

- Added Russian language

- Added Turkish language

- Add Unicable support in Advanced settings in WeTek Theater

- Add CIFS menu mounting support in WeTek Theater for usage in Android

- Add teletext

- EPG/Subtitles fix and improvements

- Fix on WeCloud Antenna

- Update satellites (TP data)

- Save volume valuses for diffrent program

- Save volume_mute values

- Several changes in ch. list: sort by name (temp. sorting) right button is ch list, left is bouqets

- Changes in submenu in ch. list like subtitles

- Grab picture (OSD) , live video, live video 16 : 9

- Others bug fixes in Android

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