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Default C programing

I been trying to motivate users to get involve in getting them self on solutions, instead of just asking for help. For example I started Encryption Learning at
At one point or another we will need to create programs. Now there are many languages. But I will focus in C. C is the basic language. It is been use everywhere. In fact Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS where initially develop in C. Not to forget the routers and Receives you used. In the future you may like to do Cuda or OpenCl they too use a basic form of C.

In general you use a PC and requires you to use a Text editor to write your programming. Then you need a Compiler. This compiler transform your human readable code in to an executable file. Well all tools and resources needed are combine in a development tool called IDE. Just as programs there many IDE. I strongly recommend one that can be use under any OS. The one I use is FREE and is called Codeblocks.

To install on any Debian OS is as simple as
sudo apt update
sudo apt install codeblocks
But best is for you to watch the process in youtube.

Compiling Your First C++ Program in CodeBlocks (Linux)
If you chose Windows try this one.
How to Install CodeBlocks ( IDE 20.03 ) with MinGW for C and C++ Programming on Windows 10

Now C Programing
Youtube have many channels. One I like and used to watch was

Learn C Programming Tutorial 1.1 Introduction
You learn at your own speed. I was teached to download the training's using youtube-dl or smtube. Then on my spare time even if I did not have internet I could watch and learn.

Hope it helps.
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