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iCVS Image vom 04.02.2011

Version details:
Enigma2 from 04.02.2011
Plugins from 04.02.2011
Skins from 04.02.2011
Drivers from 15.12.2010 (DM500hd, DM800, DM800se, DM8000)
Drivers from 08.12.2010(DM7025)

Experimental / own update feed

Extras / included changes:
- Gemini plugin reade (GeminiWizard already included)
- switch ON/OFF EPG-Progress in %, adjoustable in the customization menu
- PipZap by @ ritzMo
- Set space between channelname and EPG info, adjoustable in the customization menu
- Picture-rotation if exif tag available, adjoustable in the customization menu
- pipZap and VirtualZap adapted. (no crash anymore)
- dcccamd removed from the image
- own iCVS bootlogos by yvessun
- Support for Smargo usb Cardreader FTDI_SIO and PL203
- CrossEPG Release rev. 242
- Spinner fix (bootlogo)
- Startvolume set down to 30%
- Expert mode as standard in the customization menu
- Adapted view in screen HelpMenuList
- GraphMultiEPG incl. Picons
- GraphMultiEPG colored
- Adapted view in screen PluginList
- iCVS adapted Keymapxml
- Adapted view in screen Pictureplayer
- Adapted view in screen Serviceinfo
- Adapted view in screen Movielist
- Adapted view in screen ClockToText
- Change of Yes/No in the startwizard at the child safety pin question
- MHW EPG activated

- sambaserver removed from the image
- Ready for Karatelight from @mamba0815 and LowFat from @gutemine
- DVD Burn removed from 8K image, can/should be installed over the feed.
- rt2570 and rt3070 WLAN drivers added to the feed
- IPv6 and CPU FREQ Kerneladaptions
- listbox_fix by @adenin
- on/off bouquet + button (direct access to the bouquet with +, selectable in menu -> customize

Further Informations:
There are no Cams, Cam Configs, Settings,... availabe on the feed.
This image can be used as a base for the Gemini plugin.

Although can be installed userscript, if you don't want to use the Gemini plugin.

Enigma2 Changelog:
****> Changelog E2 <<<

You will find the download in the according area of the images.


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