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Default October 7, 2017 Estonian unofficial software for DM7020 HD V1

October 7, 2017 Estonian unofficial software for DM7020 HD V1

* The image based on OpenPLi develop branch &****-dream
=> openpli-enigma2-homebuild-dm7020hd.nfi

** Estonian version of the backup for Satellites *-19.2E/13.0E/4.8E/0.8W-*
** DVB-T2 USB nano stick with drivers dvb-usb-em28xx; scanned Estonian DVB-T(2) Provider Levira

Use DHCP - is set to yes

*Name: root
*Passw: 00000

bootlogo "starry night" by Mariann Rea
*(also thanks to one of the PLi team member, who helped a bit:-)

*automaticvolumeadjustment (y-git4649+1c9ede0-r0)
*autoresolution (y-git4649+1c9ede0-r0)

*dvb-usb-em28xx (1.1-r0)

*HD Glass 16 ver. 11.73
Full HD Glass 17 ver. 1.86
HD glass is not pre-configured and is not set to default Skin.
piconProv, piconSat, piconCam, etc. from hdglass server: download and install them by yourself into media!

*No TV picons are set yet.

*bitrate (2.0+git15)
*buyukbangpanel (1.4.1-r0)
*dreamexplorer (y-git4694+1c9ede0-r0)
*epgcurrentnextfix (3.0-r0)
*epgimportfilter (1.0+git12)
*epgrefresh (y-git4649+1c9ede0-r0)
*epgsearch (y-git4649+1c9ede0-r0)
*movieretitle (y-git4649+1c9ede0-r0)
*openopera (1.0-r0) + Mod. (Tnx to ims; HbbTV support for full hd)
*subtitleplayer DD ver_4.01
*xmltvimport (1.0+git129)
*xmltvimport-rytec (20170822-r0)
*youtube (1+git350)

* direct flash all OK with OpenPLi

*cccam (2.3.0-r0.0)
*mgcamd (1.38c-ssl1.0)
*oscam (svn11391-r0)

Changes to settings:
HDMI-CEC seaded: Väikseim saatmise intervall 100 ms

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