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Originally Posted by SatelliteDudette View Post
Hey everyone
I have a problem with the SES4 TDA Algerian Mux
I know the TP of the TDA Algerian Mux has always been
12674H 20740 but this evening when I went to check on my SES4 on 3 different receivers it came up with Low or No Signal.
Then I went outside with my trusted SatLink sat finder and low and behold when I checked out the stored Channels Reuters was in the usual TP but no signal was popping up for the Algerian channels.
I did a rescan with the SatLink and found the Algerian channel on 12824H 20739 which I then put into all the other receivers that was showing up No Signal for 12674H 20740.
How is it possible.
Cheers for the replies and help.
There is a problem with the reciver's Lnb settings, you have to put the correct Ku band settings
It will show you the frequency in its proper form
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