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Edg-NemeSiS 4.4_Skin Freestyle_CCcam 2.0.11_ZapStream_Mod KAMINERO


Modified the image NemeSiS 4.4 for Dreambox dm 500 s on 11/11/2011

Following the merger of the knife through beautiful freestyle Zeno Mhkour a knife to adjust the property with wonderful zapstream

And also add Arabic and French, with English

Imo CCcam 2.0.11 works automatically; Alltkst Oki

Addition of a modern satellites and file server load your Balnmcis Chgal

Add Pluzinat: CCcam-info/Ecm-info/Minicat-key-updater/Signal-Quality

And also Easylogo and Blogin tuxcom etc. ... Many of the additions in the heart of the image

Altkperfi the size of the fonts to become more visible and also can change the format of the channel list by pressing the ok and then help

Here are some of saccharin and shot:


Hope you like it

Please accept my greetings ...
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