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Default Aes Key Manager v1.2.1

Version history:

* URL update for internet autoupdate.

* URL update for internet autoupdate
(thanks to uploader "vPlug0.9.8-Vgetkeys-
softcam-premiere-TPS" for URLs).

* URL update for internet autoupdate.

* URL update for internet autoupdate.

* Possibility of managing URLs implemented,
as well as the possibility to import
URLs from a "v_get_key.ini" file (did not
implement Perl Regular Expressions -way to
difficult for lay users-, instead a
universal search routine for strings
containing exactly 16 or 32 word characters
is implemented).
* Last default URLs update for internet
* Bugfix:
- fixed key importing failure for keys
starting with "B", "C", or "F" from
AESDbase.txt (got mixed up with

* Bugfixes:
- Database registration date for keys
attempted to be imported or added if
already present in database (previously,
registration date was NOT being changed,
now date will be set to LAST ADD ATTEMPT;
In case of active database autocleanup
function, frequently used keys will be
kept in database now, which results in
less softcam.key autoupdatings).
- Closing/unloading main window if program
being ended from tray menu (usually
Windows will take care of that, will be
closed by program immediately now).
- Test button in URL Management dialog
(produced inconsistent results sometimes,
especially if button pressed to quickly;
behaviour is more reliable now).
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