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Default postponed

Update: «UHD Ready» strategy

SSR postpones the introduction of the new encoding standard for satellite reception. As for cable broadcasting, from next year the broadcasters will benefit from an UHD-compatible event channel.

At the beginning of the year, SSR announced a change in the coding of its satellite programs from the current H264 to the HEVC / H265.
However, the coronavirus pandemic has overturned many plans around the world: on the one hand, all the major events have been canceled or postponed to next year, particularly in the sports sector; on the other, the Swiss electronics sector has announced that it is not yet ready, especially for the set-top boxes.

The H264 standard remains temporarily valid
Following the changed framework conditions, the SRG has reviewed the situation: the modification of the standard for satellite reception has been postponed until a later date. At the beginning of 2021, all SSR radio and television networks will be available on the 123 Eutelsat Hotbird transponder with unchanged compression (H264) and resolution (720p / 50) standards. The quality of sound and images will remain unchanged. Transponder 17 will operate without any changes until the end of April 2021, after which it will be deactivated. ( fyi transponder is 11526 H)

The postponement of the new codification also takes into account the public that captures the SSR programs via satellite. Users therefore have no need to obtain new or additional equipment for satellite reception.

The new codification is expected in 2024, more details will be communicated in due course.
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